Big Brother Mzansi

A Biggie for Mzansi is on it’s way! Mzansi Magic, will soon bring a South African edition of Big Brother, with the show being rebranded as Big Brother Mzansi. The reality show, set to air in January 2014 will mark the South African editions return, 12 years after the previous season ended.

Adding Big Brother Mzansi 2014 to our varied, increasing portfolio of general entertainment productions – ranging from telenovelas, soaps, lifestyle shows, comedies to reality and drama – consolidates Mzansi Magic’s commitment to bringing the biggest and the best local shows to our viewers. The format is perfectly aligned to our vision which is to produce the most compelling content for audiences when they want it and where they want it. ” Continue reading

Big Brother Brazil 2014

Some people dream of participating in a  reality show like  Big Brother Brazil 2014  and up enrolled in the program in some editing but was not successful. But still have that desire to  participate in the BBB14 ? Know that there are some tips for those looking to enter the BBB14  and maybe take the top prize of the program?

One of the observations among participants is that the  average age of participants  is low, between 20 and 30 years, but does not change its guest a participant who has more than 30 years for example, or 18 and 19.

Kur do te filloj Big Brother Albania 7 ?

Big Brother Albania 7, spektakli me i ndjekur ne trevat shqiptare pritet te filloj ne muajin Shkurt, 2014. Ky spektakel pritet te sjell shume befasi, ndryshime nga ajo qe jemi mesuar te shohim edicionet e kaluara. Edhe kete vit, spektaklin do ta udheheq bukuroshja, Arbana Osmani.

Ky edicion pritet te jete me bombastiki nga te gjitha edicionet e meparshme te Big Brother Albania 7, te pakten keshtu na premton edhe ideatori i ketij reality show ne intervisten e dhene per uebfaqe tone.

Si gjithmone, stafi yne ka filluar muaj te tere para kohe pergatitjet qe kur te filloj Big Brother Albania 7, ne te jemi ne nivelin e duhur dhe te ju sherbejm si eshte me se miri. Ketu mund ta shikoni Big Brother Albania 7 Live.